Strathcona Cup 100

January 7-31, 2009

Canadian men curlers tour Scotland


canada Celebrating over 100 years of friendly men's curling competition! scotland



Sir Donald Alexander Smith

Age: 45







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Denny Charlebois

Canadian Tour Chairman



Special announcement, Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The Strathcona Cup epitomizes friendly competition and good fellowship and Canada and Scotland have held firm to these ideals for over a hundred years. I have been involved with this event since 1983 and had the honour and privilege of serving as vice captain of the south team in Scotland in 1998. Subsequent to that, I was asked to chair the Canadian host committee for the Scots visit in 2003 and organize the Canadian team for Scotland in 2009. The commitment of the 1998 Canadian team ended essentially with the selection of the 2009 team which is now responsible for hosting the incoming Scots tour in 2013 and the selection and organization of the Canadian team for 2018. As Canadian Chairman I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all members of the 1998 team and especially to those who served on the host committee for the 2003 incoming Scots tour and for their advice and assistance in the selection of the 2009 team. In addition I would like to acknowledge the outstanding contribution made, through them, by the curling clubs, associations and communities throughout Canada without whom this journey would not have been possible. A special thanks also to the Canadian Curling Association for their continued support in sanctioning this competition. To you, the “Class of 2009”, thank you for your excellent cooperation. I know you had a great trip to Scotland and anxiously await the opportunity to repay some of the super hospitality you received on your tour. For me it has been a most rewarding experience and I’m better for having known all of you. But there comes a time! Accordingly, I am very pleased to announce that Hugh McCarrel, a Life time member of St. George’s Golf & Country Club and also a member of the Burlington Golf & Country Club, has agreed to take on the task of Canadian Chairman for the 2013 and 2018 tours. Hugh has youth on his side, and as most of you know, is very well organized, quiet and efficient. He is quite keen to get going on the planning process and with your assistance and cooperation I have every confidence that he will carry on the great tradition of this friendly curling competition and goodwill between Canada and Scotland.

Thank you again and best regards to all!

- Denny

Our new Chairman:





Denny Charlebois' welcome:


As Chairman of this curling tour to Scotland it is my privilege and pleasure to introduce the Canadian Strathcona Cup Tour Team 2009, provide a little background on the history of the tour and to invite you to join us in celebrating this historic curling event along with the incredible accomplishments of the tour namesake Lord Strathcona.
This friendly curling competition between Canada and Scotland started with the first visit of a Scottish team to Canada in 1902-03. A Canadian team paid its first visit to Scotland in 1909.

And so began what has become one of the oldest international curling competitions in the world. Played initially on a somewhat irregular basis it now alternates between Canada and Scotland on a five year swing.

Many of Canada’s early pioneers were of Scottish descent and in the mid-1800s, they, lonesome for their homeland, extended an invitation to the Royal Caledonian Curling Club in Scotland to send a curling team to Canada. An intense debate raged on for almost 50 years until a decision was reached to undertake the tour. Major among the proponents were former Governor Generals of Canada, Lords, Earls and Marquesses such as Elgin, Monck, Lisgar, Dufferin, Lansdowne, Stanley, Lorne, Aberdeen and Minto and many other respected leaders of the time.

One who became particularly involved with the notion was Lord Strathcona (1820-1914). A Scot and one of the best known philanthropists in Canada in the early 20th Century, he was a commissioner of the Hudson’s Bay Company, he helped squash the Riel Rebellion and perhaps was most famous for financing and overseeing the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Indeed he was the Donald Smith who drove the “last spike” in the railway in 1885. Twice a Member of Parliament and twice President of the Bank of Montreal he became High Commissioner in London for Canada and was part of the welcoming party for the Scots during their first curling visit to Canada. Excitement ran high and ultimately Lord Strathcona commissioned the crafting of the illustrious Strathcona Cup, which he presented to the Royal Caledonian Curling Club in 1909 to commemorate his Presidency of the Royal Club and the first visit of a Canadian curling team to Scotland that year. In fact he chaired the Reception Banquet in honour of the visiting Canadian Curling Team held on January 20th, 1909 in the Music Hall in Edinburgh. The magnificent Strathcona Cup has been the centerpiece of this competition ever since.

The Scots tour to Canada in 2003 marked the centenary of that famous, first visit and this tour in 2009 will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Canada’s first venture to Scotland in 1909. The 40 members of the 2009 team are the result of an extensive selection process carried out in cooperation with the Canadian Curling Association, Provincial/Territorial Curling Associations and the Selection Committee consisting of members of the Canadian Strathcona Cup Tour to Scotland in 1998 and the Canadian Host Committee for the Scots Centenary Tour to Canada in 2003. I am pleased to say that for the first time the Canadian team has representation from all provinces. They will arrive in Glasgow on January 7, 2009, attend an opening banquet on January 8 and then curl against former tourists and the Scots Host Committee on Jan 9 and 10. The team then splits in two with 20 members going north and 20 going south. In all they will curl in over 20 cities before getting back together in Edinburgh for some reminiscing and a farewell banquet on January 30.

You are cordially invited to meet the team members on this website and follow their progress as they curl throughout Scotland from January 7-31, 2009.

For further information on Lord Strathcona’s many accomplishments simply Google “Lord Strathcona”.

Also, there is a wonderful 787 page account of the Scots' first curling tour to Canada in 1902- 03 in a book written by Tour Captain, Reverend John Kerr and published in 1904 by Geo. A Morton, 42 George Street, Edinburgh and The Toronto News Co.,LTD.

For a complete online history of curling: History of Curling

History of Canadian curling: CCA History


- Denny Charlebois