Photograph | Donald Smith, later Lord Strathcona, Montreal, QC, 1871 | I-66959
  The Strathcona Cup  

Sir Donald Alexander Smith
1st Baron Strathcona and Mount Royal (1820-1914)

Strathcona Cup

January 10 to February 3, 2018

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2018 TOUR  Home Page

Welcome to the 2018 Home page, where you'll find the most recent information about our forty Canadian curlers.


Good luck to Don Giles this weekend at the World Lefthanders in Oakville!

Don Giles

History of the 2018 North & South Tours

Reunion in Las Vegas

Vegas Reunion
(Apr. 7) Ford Men's World Curling Championships in Las Vegas, NV  ~  April 5, 2018
Left to Right: Strathcona Tour 2009 Bruce Beveridge, Gus Claveau, Bill Streeter, Robert Dods, Jim Mastine
(Feb 9) New feature article in the media page

Final score after 53 draws:   FINAL SCORE: canada 1614  (+322)      scotland 1292

See the Results page for full game details

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(Feb. 3) John Rudd shares his thoughts about the Tour
(Feb 1) Still to come: Dinners and Toasts, Historians' notes
(Jan 26) The North occupies St Andrews' Swilcan Bridge
(Jan 25) Derek White throws a 'bomb'
(Jan 21) New information in the Media Trail
(Jan 20) Our pages have been viewed more than 11,000 times, and counting!

Curling, Montreal Style

(Jan 19) A featured article in the Perth Daily Record
(Jan 14) Photos showing Trudeau's letter, two Coquitlam tourists, and the North Tour in Glasgow
(Jan 13) Tour photos are added daily to this website
(Jan 13) Check out the Results page for score updates
(Jan 10) Select photos(s) of the day (Highlights)
(Jan 6) We are already making news across the pond!
(Jan 6) On each participant's bio page, there is an email link to him.

(Dec 31) If you are not a subscriber to "The Curling News",

you are missing out on an interesting article on January's page 12 (the back page),

written by Mark Inglis, who is South Historian on this tour.

The article is entitled, "Who runs your curling business?"

(Dec 30) Tour Calendars have been updated

(Dec 23) The Calendars that Dave Reid and Derek Hay have produced

now have a permanent page of their own on this website. See the menu at left.

(Dec 21) The 2018 Teams page is available, with links to your bios

Looking good, there, Tom!



Tom Litchfield, from the Pointe Claire CC, sporting the official colours for the 2018 edition of the Strathcona Cup Tour

(Dec 6) Updated the itinerary information
(Dec 6) We added a link to the Tour Facebook page (see logo, upper left)
 (Nov 30) North Social Media Master Rob MacLeod has created a Facebook Tour page here
(Nov 29) Just arrived: our badge design for the Tour
(Nov 27) The list of Officers and other Roles is on the Participants' page

(Nov 27) Rob MacLeod gets written up in the Soo Today

(Nov 26) Animated maps of the Northern & Southern Tours


We have lost three members from the 2009 tour (see below)






















Remembering Rob Sinclair

Rob Brier

Remembering Ron Belden

Remembering Ron Avery


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